GARUDA - Standard Hydraulic Cylinders

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Due to our vast experience we manufacture hydraulic cylinder at our own standard against order.These cylinders are manufactured with high grade materials and imported seals to improve performance and long life.

Clevis Type

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Double End Rod

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Foot Mounted

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Tie Rod Type

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Intermediate Trunnion

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Flange Type

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Types of Cylinders Offered welded, tie-rod & Bolted Type

We can also make specific custom design cylinders to suit any application.

Ranges of Sizes 32mm to 580mm Bore
Maximum Pressure 300 Bar

Material Spec for Hydraulic Cylinders

Cylinder Tube Honed tube of St52 BK grade
Piston Rod STANDARD HARDCHROME Rod of CK45 Material (Induction Hardening done if required)
Seals Imported German make